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Online Training

remote personal training at wyoming

At Urban Personal Training we can deliver our full range of services online which allows you to keep up your training if you are unable to visit us personally. 

We have a number of clients that are only able to train with us online due to distance and they love this option.


Some of the many benefits of online training are detailed below. 

Professional Advice

We are always with you whether that be face to face or online.  Because we can see and talk to each other we are with you every step of the way to ensure you are excercising in an effective and safe manner. 



Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day.  

When you’re running to your own tight schedule this can make it very hard to find time for your fitness.

The great thing about personal training online is that it’s completely flexible around you. Do you want to train first thing on Saturdays? Or would you rather do your routines at home after picking the kids up from school?

We can work around your availability! 


Communication is Easy

These days we live in a digital world and technology has brought everyone closer together.  It's easy to click on a link and have that immediate contact with yor training.  We will set up your session and send you an email with the details.  We can even send you some instructions to get you going.


Attention and Motivation

Some people assume that because you’re not in the same location as your trainer, you’ll feel demotivated by online personal training. But that’s simply not the case.

It’s true that you need a bit of personal drive to get the most from any training program. However, it’s our job to stay in touch and make sure you don’t let yourself down. That might be a quick text or an hour-long Zoom session — whatever it takes to keep you on track.

Just because we don’t see all our clients in the flesh, that doesn’t stop us from being our usual friendly but firm selves. If people start to give up on themselves or put less effort into their training we’ll call them up and get to the root of the problem.