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Why Choose Us?

Our Philosophy

At Urban Personal Training, we believe in a positive, complete healthy lifestyle - of total living in all aspects of one's life - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Each aspect affects each other and therefore works with each other. When a person has a cold, they feel down - their psychology is down. When a person is in great physical shape, they feel up beat, more efficient, and have the ability to more effectively handle life's ups and downs and ultimately get their most out of their life.

Our bodies are made to be active and in the last few decades, more and more people stopped being as active, which the body requires for total health. We know more today about achieving physical fitness health than we have ever know before. We know about achieving total physical health in a faster, much more effective and safer way, and in much shorter amount of time. Nowadays, people know and understand how to have the correct physical exercise for the proper balance our physical bodies require. we, therefore, nowadays, are much more knowledgeable how to achieve our exercise and fitness goals, safely and in a much shorter amount of time.


So Why Choose Urban Personal Training

We believe that being a personal trainer is all about commitment to you, our client. You are the reason we are in this business and we find it rewarding to see all our cients achieving their personal fitness and health goals.


We can save you time and money simpy by:

  • Designing a program specifically tailored to your needs and goals.
  • Better results in less time through specific, targeted exercise prescription
  • Our rates are significantly cheaper than most other qualified trainers on the Central Coast
  • We do not have memberships, contracts or any hidden fees. You simply pay for the sessions you use