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Pregnancy / Post Natal

post and pre natal fitnessPre and Post Pregnancy Training

While many women are overjoyed with the idea of becoming a mum, they aren’t so happy about the changes their bodies will go through. Pregnancy is a great time for exercise. If you haven’t been regularly exercising, here’s your chance. Moderate physical activity can be very beneficial during the pregnancy and after the pregnancy.

Some of the benefits of excercise during and after pregnancy include:

  • More energy: Pregnancy can leave women feeling less energetic during the day. Exercise will give you more endurance and the stronger muscles will make the tasks at hand easier to handle.
  • Less aches and pains: Exercise during pregnancy will increase muscle strength and provide you with better flexibility, minimizing backaches. Exercising also improves circulation which helps minimize other problems such as varicose veins, leg cramps, ankle swelling and constipation.
  • Feel more rested: Getting a good night’s sleep becomes difficult during pregnancy, especially towards the end. Exercise during pregnancy will help you sleep more soundly through the night.
  • Improved moods: Exercise can help give you a great ego boost. When you feel good about yourself, you are less likely to go through drastic mood swings.
  • Weight control: Gaining weight during pregnancy is normal, but gaining too much can make it harder to lose it afterwards. Exercise during pregnancy will control your weight gain, making it easier for you to lose the unwanted baby fat that remains post-pregnancy.
  • Ease labor pains: Exercise does not guarantee a pain-free delivery, but strong muscles and a strong heart will help you endure labor a little more easily.


For more information on training while pregnant, please download the following gukdelines and please call us for more information.


Download the guide to exercising while pregnant Download the guide here . . .